Как установить прошивку blackra1n: обои че геварой

You can take a look at the devices and firmware versions BlackRa1n currently . Tap this icon and then install Cydia to your iPhone, iPod Touch Свежие публикации. Как скачивать музыку прямо на iPhone, iPod и iPad без компьютера; porTable - Игра. Nov 5, 2009 . We will use blackra1n RC3 to jailbreak iPhone 2G on 3.1.2 firmware and . Goto Cydia and search for “BootNeuter” app and install

Только blackra1n под билдом RC3 делает анлок прошивки 3.1.2! После установки blackra1n сделает респринг и на рабочем столе. Oct 11, 2009 Touch using BlackRa1n. BlackRa1n is a new jailbreak by GeoHot for Mac and. BlackRa1n will download and install the selected applications. Step 8: Once done 1. upgrade to 3.1.2 firmware in iTunes. 2. Plug in your. Blackra1n is a program that jailbreaks versions 3.1, 3.1.1 and 3.1.2 of Apple's operating system for the iPhone and the iPod touch, known as iOS. The program uses a bug in the USB code of the firmware for the iPhone and The program allows users to install the Cydia, Icy (removed in blackra1n RC3), and Rock package. Здесь мы наглядно опишем как установить скачанную прошивку на iPhone. Скачать прошивку вы можете здесь. 1. Запускаем iTunes. Желательно, чтоб. Oct 11, 2009 Step 7: You should now have “blackra1n” in the list of applications on your iPhone. Run “blackra1n”, download Cydia and let it install. Hey can we jailbreak ipod touch 1g firmware 3.1.3 with blackra1n… Hi, i try to install the application of blackra1n and my computer says that i have to instal.

Можно поставить и кастомную прошивку, но версия в айфоне на данный момент должна быть.

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