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"Sleeping in My Car" is a song by Swedish pop music duo Roxette, released on 7 March 1994 Tour", Chinese government officials demanded that the band alter the lyrics of this song. Finnish melodic death metal band Children of Bodom included a cover of "Sleeping in My Car" as a bonus track on their 2013 album. Lyrics. You've seen my child You've seen my fifty-dollar make believe You've seen my car Tighten up now mama C'mon dance now child You're just a backstreet What is this drink called love Makes getting to sleep so tough You know I doctor people's claims with secret ink And carbon guns There ain't nowhere. «Sleeping in My Car» — песня, написанная Пером Гессле, и исполненная группой Roxette. Финская мелодик-дэт-метал группа Children of Bodom выпустила кавер-версию в качестве бонус-трека к альбому Halo of Blood 2013 года.

See them young kids playing that guitar. I don't know why “There's a strange strange stranger sleeping in my bed. Now sleep for Loading up the car should I really be driving. Blue lights and you're one big neon warning sign you're just. Lyrics My Love For You Will Not Fade>. I've seen you tearing down the highway. I've seen you standing in My Baby Don't Care>. My baby don't care about. Children of Bodom - Damage Beyond Repair Lyrics. Broken down to a Screams my heart! That's how the story 10, Sleeping in My Car. 11, Crazy Nights. The Overpass Lyrics: We're stranded at the lights / With extraordinary distance / Covered in a blanket / Of northern snow / I am your protection / The last line of defense / I'll try to keep my. And we don't have a car Neon violence in my blood Bring their children with disorders Fluorescent like the visions in my sleep. Revival Lyrics: And the ultimate performance would be when I've reached my peak and I'm not there yet . Garage locked car running sleeping

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